Houseplant Care Guide

Houseplant CareĀ 


Avoid putting plants in direct sunlight but in a well-lit room. Plants like 8-10 hours of light per day. **Tip - Don't choose a space for the plant but a plant for the space.


Houseplants aren't keen on a strict routine and each plant has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to watering. Their location and size will vary and affect how much water they need. By feeling the soil surface and just below (about an inch), is a good indicator of when to water. If the soil surface is damp, there is no need to water. If it's dry, water until the water comes running out of the drainage holes. If your pot doesn't have drainage holes then water a little less.

~~ FertilizeĀ 

Fertilize your houseplants during the spring and summer growing months. Feeding them when they are dormant can possibly burn their foliage or even kill them. A good fertilizer to use for houseplants is 10-10-10 dissolved in water.


Plants love an atmosphere with temperatures between 16-20 degrees Celsius. Also try to avoid placing them in a spot where a draft of cold or hot air can reach them.