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How to Make Holiday Porch Pots

Create beautiful holiday porch pots with fresh greenery to dress up your front porch for the holidays. We cover how to design your own Christmas planters from scratch, as well as creative tips and inspiration!

How To Build Your Holiday Planters

1. Gather Your Supplies 

To make your outdoor holiday pots, you’ll first need to collect some materials:

  • -Potting mix or sand
  • -Planter of your choice (Make sure your planter is hardy enough to endure the winter weather.) Choose metal, wood, and concrete over ceramic and terracotta which absorb moisture and crack.
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You can also source fresh evergreen cuttings from your backyard trees. Use sharp, clean pruners to make fine cuts on trees, snipping off branches from a mix of varieties to offer more textural interest within your planters. Pine, birch, fir, juniper, blue spruce, and cedar branches are some of the most popular holiday planter decorating varieties. Include twigs from ornamental winter shrubs like red twig dogwood and winterberry for more visual appeal. Planters can be made from the following natural materials:

  • -Evergreen branches and boughs
  • -Birch poles
  • -Pinecones 
  • -Berries and twigs

2. Fill Your Pot 

Next, fill your pot with soil or sand to the rim, and stick three large evergreen branches or birch poles of your choice upright into the middle of the planter. These will serve as the tallest and largest focal point of your holiday pots, and the basis of what to build your design around. After this, add some smaller branches of different varieties to complement them. 

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3. Add Pine Branches Around Your Base 

Pine branches serve as the “floof” or filler plant to complete your Christmas planters, similar to your fir. To create a full effect, fill in branches evenly around the pot. If you have any remaining cedar cuttings, now is the time to add them in as well. Be sure to give your evergreens a fresh misting of water and a 45-degree angle trim at the base of the stem before inserting them. This will help to keep your arrangement fresh for longer!

4. Decorate with Ornamental Accents 

Top off your holiday planter with a classic red or gold traditional Christmas bow or a mix of multi-shaped modern Christmas ornaments. LED lights are also great for drawing attention to your holiday planter, and it makes them look like cute little Christmas trees! 

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Holiday Planter Design Themes and Ideas 

Classic Holiday Combo Planter 

If you’re really interested in emphasizing your Yuletide celebrations with your winter containers, base your design off the traditional Christmas colours—red, gold, green, and white. You can enjoy this festive and fun arrangement throughout the holidays and into the new year with long-lasting evergreens like trusty pine and cedar. 

White as Snow Evergreen Planter 

Less is the merrier with this white and green colour combination for a holiday porch pot or winter garden window box. Branches of pussy willow, cedar boughs, and dried baby’s breath flowers are used in this example.

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Earth Tones Planter 

You can still create a festive holiday display using neutral colours! Use plants like decorative curly willow branches and dried magnolia leaves to add soft shades of tan and brown to your pots. The perfect finishing touch is a bundled string of LED Christmas lights positioned in the middle of the arrangement with faux sprigs of white berries throughout! 

Modern Black and White Planter 

Create a modern look with black and white ornaments placed throughout fluffy bushels of evergreen cuttings. Incorporate sparkle-coated pinecones and garland, along with faux feathers, for a luxurious look that is sure to stand out.

Create holiday magic at home with the help of our team at Windsor Greenhouse! Visit us for your holiday porch pot needs in Abbotsford, BC.