How to Care for Houseplants with Air Conditioning

In the summer months, it’s common to crank up the air conditioning to cope with the heat, but how does that affect your houseplants? Fortunately, caring for indoor houseplants in an air-conditioned environment isn’t as difficult or tedious as it may seem. Air conditioning can damage plants if the air directly hits the leaves. However, there are plenty of care tips other than moving your plants far away from the air conditioning to help certain plants thrive. 

Keep reading to learn how to care for your houseplants when the air conditioning is on to make a comfortable living environment for your plants! 

Why Air Conditioning is “Bad” for Houseplants 

Plants need warm and humid environments to grow, but air conditioning can strip the humidity it needs to survive and even freeze the water inside the plant cells, which prevents it from transferring nutrients and moisture. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to move your houseplants out of an air-conditioned room or suffer through the heat all summer; these tips will help you ensure that you and your plants can stay comfortable all summer long. 

Move Your Plants Away From the AC 

Since directly blowing air can damage your houseplant’s leaves, the first step to protecting your houseplants is to move them away from any air conditioning vents; this will prevent any damage that can kill the plant. However, your room will still be cooler, so there are a few more things you can do to keep your plants hydrated. 

Mist Your Plants With Water 

A good indicator of low humidity is if the plant’s leaves turn brown and crisp-like at the ends. Misting your plants can help replace the lost moisture from your AC unit; the higher the AC, the lower the humidity, which leads to moisture-deprived plants. Misting your plants is an easy way to restore the loss of moisture in the air from the air conditioning. 

It’s vital to note that some plants will not handle direct mist on their foliage well, and it may result in leaf rot. If you’re unsure whether your plant can handle direct misting, reach out to us at Windsor Greenhouse for advice. 

Create Humidity for Your Houseplants

The simplest solution for countering the drying-out effect of air conditioning units is to use a humidifier to keep houseplants’ moisture levels high—up to 50-60% for plants that prefer more moisture. Place your humidifier near your houseplants or have a powerful one operating to make your whole room more comfortable. 

Another option for adding humidity without plugging in a machine is to place pebble trays with water underneath your plant pots; the water will evaporate directly into your plant’s foliage! For extra humidity pockets, group your houseplants so that they can create a little bubble of moisture in the air. They’ll be happier together! 

Windsor greenhouse -air conditioning and houseplants-orchids under grow lights

Use Grow Lights 

If moving your plants away from the AC unit also means moving them away from the window and light sources, consider using grow lights! Grow lights are helpful for plants that require more light and can replicate the sun’s light up to the number of hours your plant needs. 

Enclose Your Plants with Glass 

Covering indoor houseplants with glass can create ideal growing conditions for smaller tropical plants that require a lot of humidity. The glass encloses the air, produces an extra heated environment for the houseplant, and protects it from the air-conditioned environment. Small plants, including ferns or carnivorous plants, do best under glass for the right conditions, including high heat, moisture, and humidity.

If you want to find the right houseplants for you, visit Windsor Greenhouse! We’re happy to help keep your plants comfortable for the summer season.