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Hanging Basket Care Guide


Flowers spending their summer in containers need different watering requirements that your garden blooms. Remember to water hanging baskets more frequently, especially if they are basking in the sunlight for most of the day.

Hanging baskets need water when the top inch or so of the soil is dry to the touch.

Water baskets thoroughly until the basket is heavy and water is spilling out of the bottom.

Water hanging baskets early in the morning to prevent evaporation, and use drip irrigation if possible!


If you want bountiful blooms in your hanging baskets all summer, nutrition is key! Follow these steps for flower fertilization:

Use a water-soluble or slow-release fertilizer throughout the growing season to create a fuller-looking basket with bountiful blooms.

Use a fertilizer that promotes blooming. We recommend complete fertilizers with a ratio of 15-30-15 of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). Try to avoid fertilizers high in nitrogen for hanging baskets.

Feed hanging baskets when the soil is moist and top-up with some slow-release fertilizer around the end of July.


Hanging baskets always start off with a boom but can start to look leggy by mid-summer. Here’s how to keep them looking perfect as long as possible:

Don’t be shy when it comes to pruning those blooms—give your hanging baskets a trim once or twice a season. Giving your flowers a haircut increases branching out and creates a fuller-looking basket that you can enjoy all summer. You may lose a bloom or two, but hanging baskets bounce back quickly and will reward you with healthy, new growth for the long term. 

Remember to pinch off spent blooms of flowers like fuchsia, verbena, and geraniums to encourage new growth. 

Let our team help you with all your hanging basket needs. Stop by Windsor Greenhouse for a splash of colour for your Spring garden this year!