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Gorgeous Spring Moss Baskets for 2023

You’ve probably heard of using moss for hanging baskets, but did you know we make moss baskets in-house? Hanging baskets are a gorgeous addition to your front porch, backyard patio, or along your fence! 

At Windsor Greenhouse, each moss basket that we sell is made lovingly by hand. Our plants are raised in-house, and carefully curated into gorgeous hangers. We take the time to make sure that you’ll bring home only the best plants in a spectacular arrangement. It’s kind of like bringing home fresh cookies from Grandma’s house rather than buying them from the store—you just can’t beat the quality! 

-windsor greenhouse pink lady hanging basket

Our Feature Moss Baskets

We have multiple designs available for preorder that will complement any garden or front porch. Here are some of our favourites! 

If you’re looking for something delicate or romantic, we highly recommend our Pink Lady Moss Basket, with tiny pink and white blooms and lots of wispy greenery that will make any space feel like a fairy tale. For more planters with pink, consider our Cherryburst Knight Moss Basket with accents of purple and white, and our Bright Alaska Moss Basket, complete with sprinkles of blue, silver, and white.

If purple is your colour of choice, our Shades of Purple Moss Basket is a favourite, with rich shades of purple and little splashes of white. We have more colour-themed baskets, including our Rich in Red Moss Basket and our Orange Fusion Moss Basket, each filled with brightly-coloured blooms and complementary accents. 

-windsor greenhouse foliage flare moss hanging basket

We have a floral and a foliage option for easy hangers that won’t require any deadheading! Our Easy Does It Moss Basket has blooms in shades of pink, lavender, blue, and white, with no need to deadhead flowers for continuous blooms. If you are looking for a foliage basket to complement your garden without overwhelming it with colour, we have our Foliage Flair Moss Basket, which includes a dazzling array of colours from lime green to dark purple. Our Foliage Flair comes in either a light or dark colour theme.

If you’re excited about the vast array of colours available in the spring, then you’ll love our Tropical Punch Moss Basket, our Bright Beauty Moss Basket, and our Flamingo Lime Moss Basket. We can’t get enough of these fabulous colour combinations that will brighten your yard and bring a smile to your face. 

-windsor greenhouse RICH IN RED moss hanging basket

How to Care for Your Moss Basket

Once you’ve brought your moss basket home, hang it up in a lovely spot where it’ll get some sun! We recommend watering your hanger once you’ve placed it in its new home so that it can get nice and cozy. Be mindful of water pouring through the moss so that it doesn’t splash you or anything unsuspecting underneath it!  

Most of our moss baskets require deadheading. If there are spent blooms, you can pinch off the stem just above the first healthy set of leaves. Deadheading helps your plant use its energy for fresh blooms rather than trying to keep the dying part alive. 

Since the moss won’t retain water quite as well as a solid container would, you’ll notice a bit more water passing through, which can also deplete the nutrients in the soil quicker. To keep your plants in tip-top shape, be sure to give them a little fertilizer every two weeks. You’ll also need to keep an eye on your basket through the peak of the season, as it might require watering more than once a day.

If you’re looking for gorgeous moss baskets in British Columbia, we’d love to see you at Windsor Greenhouse!